How To Replace and Install a Toilet


These are some of the basic steps, I hope this will help you

A) Turn off the water to the toilet.
B) Remove the tank lid.
C) Remove the refill tube from the overflow pipe and drain water from the tank.
D) Use a rag to pick up any remaining water.
E) Disconnect the water supply line.
F) Disconnect the flapper chain.
G) Unscrew bolts attached to the tank.
H) Remove tank from the bowl and place on a towel.
I) Remove the caps sitting on the bolts.
J) Unscrew nuts with an adjustable wrench.
K) Rock the bowl a bit to loosen the grip on the floor and place on a towel.
L) Remove wax ring from the toilet and the floor. Clean the floor around the drain hole.
M) If the bolts look rusty, replace them.
N) Place a new wax ring on the new toilet and carefully position on top of the drain hole. You only get one shot to place it. Replace wax ring if you miss.
O) Gently rock the bowl until it sits level on the floor.
P) Assemble everything together in the reverse order that you took it apart.
Q) Turn the water back on and test the new toilet for any leaks.


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