How To Install Interior Doors


One essential home makeover can be achieved by replacing your old, worn-out or damaged interior doors. Here’s how to install interior doors.

Please note, If your doorframe is damaged, you need a pre-hung door, which includes the frame and door. If your frame is in good shape, a slab, also called a blank door, is fine. Whichever type you use, there are a variety of styles available to match your home decor.

– When ordering a pre-hung door, you will have the choice of a right- or left-hand swing, as well as having the manufacturer drill the holes in the door for the locksets. …
– Trim Door Opening. …
– Check That Floor is Level. …
– Determine Where Shims Should Go. …
– Cut Door. …
– Remove Door’s Temporary Packaging. …
– Begin Installation. …
– Position Door.
– Secure Jamb, Secure the jamb with nails along its length.
– Check and Adjust Door Opening. Use a straight edge to check the door opening, ensuring that it has room to open and close. With the door closed, place a shim by the bottom hinge to accommodate any adjustments.
– Check Top Gap Above Door. Also, check the door again to make sure it is level.
– Nail Door in Place. Check the center shim and the gap to make sure the door is plumb. Nail the door in place, from the jambs through the shims.
– Fill Nail Holes. Use a nail set to set the nails beneath the wood, creating a smooth finish. Fill the holes with spackle.
– Open and Close Door. Check the door to make sure it opens and shuts properly.

Finally, Make Necessary Adjustments. Place a level on the vertical surface to check that the door is plumb. If you need to adjust the door, try using a sledgehammer with a very gentle tap.

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